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 8 (495) 230 - 73 - 63

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 Address:                                                Phone:
 Moscow, Sretenka str., 4                                      +7 (495) 230-73-63 

Metro:                                                      E-mail for booking:
m. Turgenevskaya                                       
m. Sretensky Boulevar
m. Chistye Prudy 

All our service
This is the complete list of services which you can get by living here.
Round the clock cervice
We are always ready to welcome and accommodeate you in our comfortable rooms!
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Small winter gift for those who registered on the site!

How to find us 

Apart Hotel is just a 5 minute walk from  Chistye Prudy, Turgenevskaya, Sretensky Bulvar Metro stations.

- From the metro station Turgenevskaya: take the exit to Turgenev Square, to Academica Suharov street.

Walk along Sretensky Bulvar pass the bank VTB 24 and Lukoil in the direction of Tsvetnoy Bulvar;

- After cafe Sandal turn right under an archway into the yard, then turn left in the courtyard;

- Press the intercom button to enter  "Apart hotel Naumov" and go up to the second floor. 

      • The location in the center of Moscow 
      • Comfortable apartments
      • A wide range of services
      • Loyalty programs

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